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Final Flight Launch of Alliance’s Delta IV Rocket

On Thursday United Launch of Alliance’s Delta IV, Medium rocket took off for its 29th and last flight from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The rocket carried the US Air Force’s second GPS III satellite, constructed by Lockheed Martin.

“Another thrilling launch for United Launch Alliance this morning!” the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex tweeted Thursday. “Marking the 29th and last flight of the DeltaIV Medium rocket, how did you Lookup for the GPS III SV02 mission?”

Around two hours after launch, Air Force and Lockheed Martin engineers said they’d full control of GPS III Space Vehicle 02 (GPS III SV02) quickly after its separation from the United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket booster, Lockheed Martin said in a launch. The satellite is responding to commands and is utilizing its internal propulsion system to climb towards its orbit around 12,550 miles above the earth.

“In the days forward, we’ll end orbit elevating to our operational slot and then ship the satellite commands telling it to deploy its solar arrays and antennas,” Johnathon Caldwell, Lockheed Martin Space’s vice president for navigation systems, mentioned in the release. “As soon as we arrange, we’ll begin on-orbit checkout and assessments, together with intensive indicators testing with our superior navigation payload.”

GPS III SV02 is designed to help the Air Force modernize at the moment’s community of GPS satellites with new capabilities and tech. GPS III satellites offer three times larger accuracy, according to the release.

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