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Too Much Sleep May Cause Alzheimer’s Disease

If people often find yourself dozing off through the day, a new analysis suggests it might be an early warning signal that you have Alzheimer’s disease.

Areas of the brain that keep you awake during the day are damaged within the early stages of the memory-robbing disease, which is why people with Alzheimer’s may nap excessively long earlier than they start to struggle with forgetting issues, the research authors said.

Not only that, but the scientists also discovered that harm to mind regions concerned in daytime wakefulness was attributable to a protein referred to as tau. This provides further evidence that tau may play a more significant function in Alzheimer’s than the extra extensively studied amyloid protein, the researchers famous.

“Our work shows definitive evidence that the mind areas promoting wakefulness degenerate resulting from an accumulation of tau not amyloid protein from the very earliest stages of the disease,” stated examine senior author Dr. Lea Grinberg. She is an affiliate professor of neurology and pathology on the Memory and Aging Heart and Global Brain Health Institute’s member, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

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