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Tesla’s Autopilot Crash Testing in Moscow

Several Tesla crash may assist as Autopilot isn’t flawless. Driver Alexi Tretyakov reported that that into on Moscow’s Ring Road while Autopilot was engaged, his EV supposed to be a Model 3 hit directly to a parked tow truck.

The owner mentioned the August 10th incident occurred whereas he was driving on the pace restrict together with his fingers on the wheel it’s merely that neither he nor the semi-autonomous system spotted the truck.

Tretyakov and his children’s escaped the car with only minor injuries, though the car’s battery box seems to have caught fire, producing explosions and leaving merely the car’s metal shell.

They have asked Tesla for remark. Up to now, although, Tesla has routinely defended Autopilot. It insists that drivers be ready to take over at any level and that its system is still far safer total than standard driving. Even, this Moscow crash might spark additional scrutiny. The automaker is already dealing with criticism for its safety claims, and another incident will not help matters.

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