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Steve Jobs Was a Wizard Who Saved Apple Says Bill Gates

Steve Jobs was a magician who “cast spells on individuals” to assist in keeping Apple sailing during the firm’s darkest days, based on longtime competitor Bill Gates.

The Microsoft (MSFT) founder discussed his and Jobs’ management styles with Fareed Zakaria Sunday. Both peers are known for being influential leaders who encourage a great office culture.

Gates stated people typically emulate the destructive elements of the Apple (AAPL) founder’s character; however, Jobs was a novel chief who took Apple from near-death to its foundation as the most valuable firm in the world (before Microsoft seized that crown this year). Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy when Jobs rejoined the corporate in the late Nineties; it’s now worth shy of $1 trillion.

Jobs was ” example of ‘do not do that at home,'” Gates stated. However, nonetheless, he added, “I’ve yet to meet a person who is, when it comes to picking expertise, hyper-motivating that skill and having a sense of design, of ‘this is good, this isn’t good.’ So he introduced some incredibly positive things alongside that toughness.”

Gates mentioned Jobs had a way of turning around failures by “casting spells” on his staff as well as external observers. Gates gave a Harry Potter reference when he called himself a “minor wizard” for having the ability to see through Jobs’ “spells.”

One outstanding example: After Jobs’ co-incorporated Apple, he built an organization named NeXT that made an expensive flop of a PC. Nonetheless, he managed to bring widespread consideration to NeXT and sold the corporate to Apple in 1996.

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