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Portable Wireless Cassette Tape Players Brings Classic Audio into 2019

Cassette tapes are having a small comeback: sales were (somehow) up almost 19% year over year in 2018, and where there’s a market, there’s a Kickstarter venture looking make money. Working example: Ninm It’s OK. It’s a portable cassette player like an authentic Walkman would be if Sony continued to develop tape-based tech in 2019.

So while the It’s OK does the same old tape things, like playing cassettes or letting users record to tapes, it additionally bills itself as the world’s first Bluetooth 5.0 moveable cassette player (a declaration of such area of interest specificity that it appears to be real). It permits users to listen to their favorite jams with wireless headphones and even connect it to a Bluetooth speaker.

The combining of Bluetooth and audio know-how from 40 years in the past may seem bizarre, but it surely’s not the worst concept ever. The It’s OK does have a headphone jack, too. It even runs on AA batteries, similar to the old Walkmans did.

Whereas the nature of being on Kickstarter signifies that there are specific dangers with backing, Ninm has successfully run a retro-tech crowdfunding campaign before, so it has some experience right here.

Ninm is selling the It’s OK for an initial Kickstarter cost of $75, in either pink, navy blue, or white colors (the last of which feels mainly modeled to evoke the original Sony Walkman TPS-L2). Delivery is expected for December.

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