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Boeing, Spacex, Space Race Come Together for Satellite Launch

U.S. aerospace and defense giant Boeing Opens a New Window. And Elon Musk’s Opens a New Window. Space exploration enterprise SpaceX are competing towards each other in a heated race to the moon and beyond – but the two firms have proven rivals can be associates typically, too.

A satellite launched on Tuesday concerned products from each corporation, the CEOs of which have traded hits about their technologies and capabilities in the events.

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket lifted off in Florida on Tuesday night, efficiently deploying the AMOS-17 satellite, containing Boeing’s expertise, into space.

Boeing helped construct the satellite for Israeli space company SpaceCom, of which the U.S. aerospace large is a founding sponsor.

Last year, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg claimed his company would “Surpass Elon Musks’ SpaceX to Mars.”

In an interview with The Street, Muilenburg mentioned he “firmly” believed the “first person to step foot on Mars would get there on a Boeing rocket.” He stated Boeing was working with NASA to build and development of its rocket launch system.

In a tweeted response, Musk taunted Muilenburg to “do it.”

When asked throughout the same interview in regards to the rivalry between SpaceX and Boeing, Muilenburg mentioned that whereas it’s “competitive,” the businesses work collectively at present as a result of Boeing launches satellites on SpaceX rockets. However, the competition, he stated, makes Boeing work harder and quicker.

Returning astronauts to the moon is a main priority for the Trump administration, and it has requested Congress to approve funds to make such a visit possible by 2024. Trump, nevertheless, has additionally communicated his intent to ship humans to Mars “very soon.”

Musk needs to send SpaceX’s first cargo mission to Mars in 2022, with a second mission containing cargo and crew focused for 2024. The entrepreneur’s said the goal is to colonize the planet.

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