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AT&T Employee Got Bribed from A Man to Unlocking Users Phones

The Justice Department maintains the U.S. has deported a Pakistani man from Hong Kong and accused him of bribing AT&T employees to unlock more than 2 million cell phones.

Muhammad Fahd, 34, allegedly committed the crimes as a part of a scheme that unlocked and resold stolen iPhones.

“This defendant thought he could safely run his bribery and hacking scheme from abroad, making millions of dollars while he induced young workers to decide on greed over moral conduct,” Brian Moran, the U.S. lawyer for the Western District of Washington, mentioned in a statement. “Now, he will be held accountable for the fraud and the lives he has derailed.”

If a phone is unlocked, it may be used on different carriers, not only AT&T. That might be very profitable for a criminal enterprise. For instance, an unlocked iPhone XR is currently retailing for $749. Whether it is linked to the phone network’s plan, clients pay a fraction of that price within the type of month-to-month installments. By unlocking telephones connected to AT&T and eradicating them from their service plans, the conspiracy successfully values the corporate more significant than $9.5 million, prosecutors say.

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