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Virginia Tech Employs New Technology to Understand Animal Behaviour

Researchers at Virginia Tech have been busy this summer experimenting with new technology to assist them better understand animal behavior, and how to take care of animals.

Virginia Tech’s SmartFarm Innovation Community is using expertise on the harness and leg to perceive better how to take care of them.

Reggie is, without doubt, one of the horses who get to be a part of the experiment.

“What we’re doing with those two is attempting to geolocate where Reggie is in a pasture and what he’s doing at the time where we have his location pinpointed,” mentioned Robin White, an assistant professor of built-in beef productions. “If it’s out in the field and it stops walking around, or its gait length dramatically modifies, we must always be able to know that something is unsuitable with the way the animal is walking and we can respond quickly.”

Once the battery is powered on Reggie’s harness, it will start transmitting data on where he’s and the way he is doing.

Researchers at Virginia Tech said they’re analyzing animal behavior now because they project a 70% improve in animal products because the population continues to increase.

“This allows us to grasp how we can make the most of that resource to make food that we will consume in a way that will optimize our environmental stewardship,” White mentioned.

They plan to test in four-month cycles, and so they’ll work to improve the sensors as needed.

Right now, the units are used in the college’s SmartFarm Innovation Community; however, the hope is to one day quickly affix the gadgets to farmers across the Commonwealth.

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