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NYPD to Fly Drone to Keep City Safe on Thursday

Oozing high above the East River is one of two new NYPD drones that shall be flying over hundreds of thousands of viewers expected on the Fourth of July fireworks exhibit Thursday.

“We will have a cop in every location; however, we may fly the drone to see what’s happening,” the NYPD’s Frank DiGiacomo stated.

The Technical Assistance Response Unit (TARU) took CBS2 along completely as its specifically educated drone pilots studied taking off from Brooklyn Bridge Park. On Thursday, police will watch from the sky with their feet nonetheless on the ground.

“We’ll go up, give command employees perspective of where they should move personnel around,” Det. Deeu, John stated.

“Then we make a notification. Either we name our fellow law enforcement officials, we’ve emergency service, now we have FD, EMS,” DiGiacomo added.

The NYPD only began utilizing drones eight months in the past and plan to put them above every big occasion.

That’s what happened earlier in 2019 in Brooklyn when TARU police used a drone to speak to an armed suspect who had blocked himself in a 15th-floor condominium.

“They were with the drone able to communicate to him, he put the gun down, and so they were in a position to get in there… get the individual help.”

New York is a particularly hard metropolis to use a drone through a day and Thursday the officers will have the added hurdles of flying at night, around fireworks, and over huge crowds

As for the line between surveillance and security, “we’re not zooming in on any faces or something like that,” Det. John added.

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