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Tiny Dust Particles from Diesel Exhaust Filters Can Cause Allergies Leading to Lung Disability

Air pollution from diesel engines could worsen allergy-induced lung impairment extra when tiny particles are filtered from the exhaust than when they aren’t, in keeping with new analysis revealed on-line within the American Thoracic Society’s American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.
This shocking result could also be as a consequence of the truth that some particle-depletion technologies, together with the one utilized by the researchers, enhance the quantity of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) within the exhaust. NO2, which is subject to general air quality requirements, has been proven to cut back lung operate and could also be a cause of bronchial asthma in kids.
In “Particle Depletion Does Not Remediate Acute Effects of Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Allergen,” Denise J. Wooding, MSc, and co-authors report on a randomized, managed research of 14 non-smoking adults who had been delicate to not less than certainly one of three widespread allergens.
On this cross-over research, all 14 members at numerous occasions had been uncovered in a laboratory to air with simply the allergen, the allergen plus diesel exhaust and the allergen plus filtered diesel exhaust. All of them additionally breathed air with no diesel exhaust or allergen, which served because of the management.
After every publicity, the individuals underwent a generally used take a look at referred to as methacholine problem to find out how an affected person responds to an inhaled allergen. Neither they nor those conducting the examine had been conscious of which publicity that they had undergone earlier than being considered.
The researchers additionally measured numbers of white blood cells, which marshal the body’s immune response, however, can “overreact” to allergens, inflicting respiratory issues.
The consequences of filtered diesel exhaust on lung perform and on white blood cells have been extra pronounced in these contributors who have been genetically prone to oxidative stress, which happens when there’s an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants within the body.

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