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Google Stadia Games to Be as Expensive as PS4, Xbox One Versions

Gamers will require a speedy web connection to operate Google’s Stadia game streaming service when it hits the market in November; however, that does not imply the video games will be cheaper. Stadia boss Phil Harrison reportedly revealed that they’re going to cost the same as the counterparts on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“I do not know why it will be cheaper,” he mentioned in an interview on Thursday.

“The value users get from the game on Stadia means they will be able to play it on any display screen in your life — TV, PC, laptop, tablet, smartphones, he stated. “In theory, the Stadia model of a game will be on the highest possible quality of innovation and class on the game engine aspect.”

Stadia will release with 30 games, adding main upcoming ones like Borderlands 3 and Doom Eternal, Baldur’s Gate.

Users will have a few options in how to approach Stadia, with two not being out there until 2020. The Base tier is free-of-cost for any game they buy through Stadia at as much as 1080/60p in stereo (at 10Mb/s), while the $10 month-to-month Stadia Pro tier gives 4K/60p HDR quality (at 35Mb/sec) with 5.1 encompass sound, free video games added to the library and discounts.

There’s only way to play it in 2019: The Founder’s Edition $130 limited preorder offers access in November, a limited-version controller, a Chromecast Extremely streaming system, three months of Stadia Pro, Destiny 2, the primary access to username creation — so users can avoid loading it with foolish numbers — and a friend pass that provides a pal three months to test Stadia Pro.

Users can also preorder a Stadia controller on its own for $69 now; however, that is mainly for individuals who’ve jumped on the Founder’s Edition or may have access through a buddy pass.

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